ESP Insulators

ESP Insulators Manufacturer in India

Our company is chiefly involved in the designing of high-grade ESP insulators. We are a leading ESP Insulators Manufacturer in India, offering products in comprehensive ranges. It includes the cylindrical support insulator, the conical support insulator, the shaft insulator, drive rapping insulators, and pin insulators.

The ESP insulators use electrostatic force to remove dirt and dust particles from the exhaust fumes. The gas is majorly produced during industrial processing. The contaminated gases pass through it to effectively remove the accumulated residue. The ESP insulators mechanically support and electrically isolate the discharged electrodes from collecting curtains. They are suitable for high voltage applications and a wide array of industrial use.  

Common ESP Insulator Application 

  • Coal-Fired Power Generation
  • Steel Mills
  • Chemical Refinement Plants
  • Steel Mills
  • Paper and Wood Product Mills
  • Incineration Plants
  • Waste Management Facilities¬†

Features of ESP Insulators   

  • High resistivity at an elevated temperature lowers the risk of an electrical breakdown.¬†¬†
  • Product robustness to avoid damage from excessive current leaks¬†
  • Surface glaze render dirt and dust repelling property to the insulator¬†
  • Excellent strength and impact resistance from mechanical stress¬†
  • Low thermal expansion that resists cracking caused by thermal shock¬†
  • Products facilitate ease of cleaning and minimal maintenance¬†