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An Essential Guide to the Four Types of Insulators

An insulator is a device that controls the flow of electricity and heat through power circuits and overhead cables. It is a type of protective device connecting components to regular power flow. You should purchase them from the ESP Insulators Manufacturer for high resistivity and low conductivity.


The technicians install the insulators in household and industrial electric systems to provide protection. The device offers insulation between the line conductors and the Earth. By reducing the loss of current, insulators concentrate its flow. This is how it becomes an important requirement for all power systems.


The Properties of an Insulator


An electric insulator has specific properties that you should consider.


  • High resistance
  • Good dielectric strength
  • Non-porous and waterproof
  • Good mechanical strength for the conductor load
  • Relative permittivity of the insulator material


Insulator Material


The manufacturers make insulators from materials like wood, mica, rubber, glass, plastic etc. For electric systems, technicians prefer insulators made from polymer, ceramic, porcelain, and PVC.


Insulators and their Importance 


  • Protect against noise, electricity and heat
  • Insulate the live parts of the equipment
  • Insulate the conductor from the Earth
  • Save the switchgear, transformers and other components of the substation.


Types of Insulators 


  • ESP Insulators

You can use the electrostatic precipitator for high voltage insulation purposes. They are suitable for use in the power and coal industry, cement works etc. It uses electrostatic force to separate dust and dirt particles from industrial fumes. Available in types like conical support, shaft insulator, and cylindrical support, the  ESP insulators have high resistance to thermal shock, which avoid cracks and damage.

  • Pin Insulator

These types of insulators have high mechanical strength. It uses a pin to isolate the wire from physical support. Secure it to the cross arm of the poles or overhead lines for proper current distribution and transmission. It is easy to maintain, cheap and can handle a voltage of 33kv.


  • Post Insulators

Similar to the pin type insulators, you can install them for high voltage applications. It is made from ceramic which is a composite material for use.  Since it has high mechanical strength, you can apply them vertically and horizontally.


  • Suspension Type Insulators

Operating at a voltage of 765 kV, it protects the overhead transmission lines. The insulators connect with metal links in a series to form a string. This reduces the mechanical stress on the device. You can place the glass and porcelain discs at the steel towers.


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