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Important Facts About Transformer Bushings: An Ultimate Guide

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of bushings in the transformer is? If yes, then you must read this blog. Transformer bushings carry the lines from the transformer. There are two types of lines: low-voltage and high-voltage lines. This provides insulation between the body of the transformer and the live wires, eventually preventing chances of short circuits. Finding a reliable transformer bushings manufacturer in India is essential. Let’s dive deeper into the subject below.

Understanding The Principles of Transformer Bushing

As mentioned above, the bushing helps keep the wires insulated from the transformer body. Bushings are created using insulation material specially curated to control the voltage level.

Can bushings lead to oil leakage in the transformer?

Yes! Bushings can lead to an oil leakage from the end point of the transformer. Atmospheric conditions, miss installation, aging, or bushings are the primary reasons for this.

Extremely cold or heat can result in rusting, which will eventually cause a metal loss in the bushing pockets. This can lead to cracks in the oil seal which causes leakage at the end.

How do insulators differ from bushings?

Insulators and bushings are vital components of the whole power system. Let’s have a look at the main differences between insulators and bushings.

‚óŹ Insulators can be either hollow or filled. On the other hand, bushings are always hollow to allow the wires to pass.

‚óŹ Insulators are used in equipment, whereas Bushings are utilized in Transformer and shunt reactor circuit breakers.

‚óŹ Insulators can also be made from rubber, but with Bushings, it’s not possible.

‚óŹ Insulators cannot be filled using di-electric, but the same is possible with Bushings.

‚óŹ Insulators are widely used in electrical equipment we use daily to prevent malfunctioning in wiring. However, you cannot use Bushings in daily electrical equipment.

How many Bushings does a Transformer need to have?

Firstly, please note all types of transformers and ratings contain Bushings. But its count depends upon certain factors like the number of phases and type of connection at low and high voltage sides.

Single Phase Transformers:

A single-phase transformer has four bushings on it.

Three Phase Transformers:

Depending upon the connection type, a three-phase transformer can have nearly 6 to 7 bushings.

‚óŹ Delta-Delta connection
‚óŹ Wye-Wye connection
‚óŹ Delta-Wye with a neutral connection
‚óŹ Wye with neutral Delta connection

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